RTE Summit 2018 - Event for the Release Train Engineer & Scrum Master


Join the international 100+ RTE Summit for best
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November 12th – 13th 2018

Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam

Hope to see you there again!

Andres Jansen, Chairman / RTE

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Organized for and by Release Train Engineers, the RTE Summit is the annual event for RTEs and Chief Scrum Masters to share experiences, find inspiration from insightful contributions and establish best practices for the future of this developing discipline.

Join us at Amsterdam ArenA – take your place in the RTE community.

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Add to My Calendar 2018-05-04 18:00:00 2018-11-13 17:30:00 Europe/Amsterdam RTE Boost + Summit 2018 This event is organized for and by Release Train Engineers. We are looking for RTE’s or Chief Scrum Masters who are willing to invest their time and are looking forward to share their experiences with this role. Do you want to join us at Amsterdam Arena and be part of a professional RTE-platform? Amsterdam, The Netherlands Gladwell Academy rtesummit@gladwellacademy.com


Dean Leffingwell, a forty-year software industry veteran, has spent his career helping software teams achieve their goals. A renowned methodologist, author, multi-entrepreneur, consultant and executive, he has founded multiple software companies, including Scaled Agile, Inc, and Requisite, Inc., makers of RequisitePro, which was purchased by Rational Software (now IBM). He served as Vice President of Rational Software (now IBM) from 1997-2001. Later, as an independent consultant and advisor to Rally Software, he helped numerous distributed, multinational corporations implement Agile methods at scale.

He is the creator of the Scaled Agile Framework, a public-facing knowledge base of proven best practices that bring the benefits of software agility to the largest software enterprises. He currently serves as both Chief Methodologist and CEO at Scaled Agile, Inc., which he cofounded in 2011.

Yoram Weizman has over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, taking different positions ranging from development, team lead, technical manager and DBA, quality management , Agile and Lean advocate and lately RTE in ScheduleOnce.

He has been involved in Agile and lean transformation of organizations in the past eight years on both medium and very large scale companies (SAP).

Eelco Rustenburg is certified SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer), Agile Master and is a wellknown Agilist in the community. He has written the top100 book in Holland on Scrum: “The power of Scrum”, which has been translated in 4 languages. Eelco has been at the front of the Agile community for more than 15 years now. He has helped Philips  in its transformation to Scrum and Agile, where he worked with the Agile Center of Excellence and trained more than 1000 people. Currently Eelco  accompanied an Agile/SAFe transformation at Air France KLM.

With an impressive list aimed at large businesses, (senior) management and program/project management, Eelco is renowned for his Agile workshops. He is also known for giving speeches at both company and open events. Recent events include: CIO Day in Holland, ALE2011 in Berlin, JFall in Holland diverse business events at Rabobank, Agile consortium, Nationale-Nederlanden, Essent, Achmea SAP, and XPDays(Madrid).

Eelco is an Agile management thinker, program manager for change programs and creative thought leader for Agile practices, principles and behavior. His ability to change mindsets alongside process and structure is valuable for any large change program.

Since July 2017, Eelco is the first Dutchman to be accredited as an official SPCT. This allows him to train SAFe Program Consultants (SPC4).

Andres Jansen is senior trainer at Gladwell Academy. He specializes in metrics and performance measurement. Recent years he focused on organizational transformation, making organizations controllable, more Agile and action oriented.

Andres favors an analytical approach to problem-solving, without losing sight of pragmatic solutions. He easily adapts, secures stakeholder support and masters complex situations. Andres enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial attitude help him to realize ambitions. His effective communication skills make

Andres a competent presenter and sparring partner at all levels. He is currently running a part of the transformation to SAFe for ASML.

Andres is certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant and SPCT Candidate, he is qualified to teach and examine for all Scaling Agile training courses: SAFe Agilist (SA), SAFe Practitioner (SP), SAFe PM/PO (SPMPO), SAFe Scrum Master (SM), SAFe PM/PO (PMPO). He is also qualified to teach and examine Agile Scrum Foundation.

Silvio is a SAFe® Program Consultant, has experience in different positions ranging from Scrum Master, Product Owner, team lead to coaching teams and organisations in agile transformations. He thinks in build-measure-learn loops and understands how to deliver value to customers in fast iteration cycles. He’s very interested in modern organisational forms and their practical use in companies as well as outcome-oriented implementations. His profound knowledge and experience in the areas of distributed planning gives him the opportunity to put together optimal toolset for enhanced collaboration.

Gianfranco obtained his Professional Scrum Master certification back in 2012; since then he has applied Agile methodologies as Scrum Master in different companies and industries, generally serving multiple teams in the SAFe environment. He is currently acting as Release Train Engineer for the Twinfield product at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Administration Europe.

Gianfranco always strives to empathize with every stakeholder to thoroughly understand their deepest motivation. He is naturally inclined towards the new organizational models that are increasingly gaining ground in nowadays enterprises. His solid knowledge of several classic and innovative methodologies provides him the unique ability to coach teams and individuals along complex transformations.

Ralph Hofman is one of the founding partners at BlinkLane Consulting. Ralph has 20+ years of experience helping large organizations in the areas of outsourcing, software development, IT governance and value management. Having spent the last four years mainly focusing on improving the business agility of large organizations. Ralph uses his expertise to help companies improve their ability to effectively sense and respond to internal and external changes in a swift and cost-effective manner.

Arno Hanssen started in July 2015 in the role of RTE of the B2C Mobile ART at T-Mobile Netherlands. In 2017 Arno joined the first SAFe RTE course ever, and after passing his exam he may call himself a SAFe 4 certified RTE. This certificate is a nice addition to his master degree in Business Engineering (ir) and his MBA degree from TIAS Business School. Arno has always worked on the cutting edge of IT & Business in large organizations, in areas of Agile Transformation, Outsourcing, IT Governance, and Service Management. Before being an RTE, Arno was a Waterfall Release Manager and a IT Vendor Manager at T-Mobile. Before he joined T-Mobile, Arno worked for 14 years for the IT Management Consultancy firm Quint Wellington Redwood.

With a master degree in mechanical engineering directly started my career at ASML in 2004. Working at ASML for 15 years in different roles in the development and engineering organization. Last 9 years responsible as project manager. Today we have translated my project manager role into Chief Product Owner at IBP&S in a (Scaled) Agile project environment.

IBP&S is the division that handles the competitively crucial business of installed-base maintenance and upgrades for this global leader in semiconductor machinery manufacturing. Including hardware, software and beyond. It’s an unusual field for SAFe to thrive in: there aren’t that many companies that dare apply such a situationally adaptive approach to a multi-billion Euro hardware development process. As Chief product owner I am front runner at ASML introducing this new way of working on project level.

Eduardo Avila Alvim is certified SPC4 (SAFe Program Consultant), being an agile expert and agility leader for the last 4 years at Amadeus, in the sunny south of France. Holding other certifications as CSM, PSM, CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO he is passioned by all the different aspects and subjects around the agile world, specially on helping to scale up agile in large organizations and lean budgeting.

During the last 10 years, has been an active member of different agile communities, speaking in different events and trainer for different subjects around agility and people management in the agile world.

Initial contacts with agile started on 2004, when he first heard about a different way of work, more efficient, focused on people and customer value. Since then, he played different roles as business analyst, project manager, program manager and Scrum Master.

Currently, in Amadeus, he is very busy helping to scale up agile to enterprise level by using SAFe as the framework to achieve business objectives in an end-to-end perspective. In addition, plays the role of RTE for one ART with 130 people spread around the globe.

Erik Bootsma is Product Owner and Release Train Engineer at PostNL, where he is responsible for the Agile Release Train of Parcels as well as the Event Management IT platform.

Before Erik started to work for PostNL in 2014, Erik worked for Capgemini as Managing Consultant. In that position he advised (logistics) companies on Advanced Planning & Scheduling as well as Transport and Warehouse Management Solutions.

In his private life Erik is a passionate off-shore sailor.

Over the past 15 years Frank has helped transform organizations around the world, changing the way people work, building high performing teams, creating business impact. Frank works at all levels in organizations; management, governance, portfolio, program and team. In groups of 100s to 1000s, using scrum, kanban, scaling frameworks like LeSS, SAFe and homegrown efforts. Frank is passionate about helping people realize their potential, learning new things and getting the right things done.


What people say about him:

  • “You’re not standing still when working with someone like Frank”
  • “Frank has been the lighthouse to me and may others in setting the agile vision for the programme, and in continuing to challenge, coach and encourage us to continuously improve, simplify and create even better approaches and results”
  • “This man is tireless in living agile values, paying attention to collaboration, sharing knowledge, promoting self-organization and inspiring others”
  • “Frank provides energy, humor and focus to the mix and has proven that he can in a very short time design a foundation that will help any organization to succeed”
  • “His enthusiasm and drive is very infectious”
  • “It’s 2001 & I’m working in Copenhagen with this crazy guy who’s managing projects in a strange way”


Jeroen Manten has over 20 years of work experience in IT, E-commerce and (online) marketing. Filling in different positions ranging from Channel Manager, Product Owner, team manager to Manager Business Requirements.

Last couple of years Jeroen was responsible for shaping Agile teams within PostNL Customer Excellence. In his role he was responsible for the implementation of SAFe and fulfilling the role of Release Train Engineer.

For the past decade and a half, Piet has held central roles in agile transformations ranging from a few XP teams to large scale enterprise agile transformations with +500 developers making him a highly experienced agile coach.

Piet works in a very pragmatic way balancing an elevated level of theoretical knowledge with experience ‘harvested’ from other transformations. He works eye to eye with everybody in the organization and sees the ‘human aspect’ as a key factor in all changes.

Piet works under the mantra that SAFe and LeSS (and other frameworks) are tools – nothing else. People interactions, craftsmanship and lean assessments should in all cases be the main driver when building up an agile organization.

Dr. Yannick Balk is a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam teaching Sport Psychology and Work Psychology courses. In his research, he focuses on the role of mental effort and recovery in (elite) sport. Yannick is also working as an applied sport and performance psychologist. In his applied work, he assists elite athletes and coaches to realize their full potential and serves as an advisor for sport organizations, combining both individual-level interventions and organization-level interventions. His approach is based on evidence-based methods, a multidisciplinary approach, and personal attention.

Dennis Struis is working 10 years within ABN AMRO and started in 2014 as a Scrum Master in one of the first Scrum teams within the company. Currently he is part of the Center of Expertise Agile Way of Working and in this context he is responsible for how Agile tooling is involved and implemented for 450 teams and used by 10.000 users. tooling such like Jira (for backlog management) or Confluence (product content) are part of his scope. besides the tools he is involved in training sessions about agile awareness and consults teams and departments to improve their knowledge or way of working

Wikash Madarie is Scrum Master and Chapter Lead at T-Mobile where his focus besides coaching teams lies on creating cross-company platforms. These platforms work as a living Agile knowledge base that everyone in the company can consult with. Not just only IT but also the Sales department, HR, etc.

Bianca Mallee started her occupation as an electrical engineer & ended up with a degree in technical business administration. After working as project manager at Armada Janse and operations manager at Minkels I joined ASML in 2001. I’m working at ASML for 17 years in different managerial roles in the development and engineering organization. Last years as a business transformation manager introducing SAFe by coaching ASML towards business excellence. Being part of the SAFe change team Arjan; who’s the front runner within Scaled Agile at projectlevel; myself removing impedements & coaching management and the other change team colleagueas we started this journey believing this is the way forward to implement larger solutions. Working with people on all levels in the organziation is very much rewarding and fully supported by our Excom who believe this is the way forward too.

There are two sides of the story in this challenge. The first is introducing the knowledge & principles of SAFe including hardware. The second challenge is combining this new way of working in transforming the current behavior & mindset within our company to a Agile state of mind.


Bengt Magnus Dyrkorn offers consultancy services in project management and advisory services for the media industry and companies that focus on digital development. Bengt has a broad background from the media industry, experience from project management, product development and content production and have good knowledge of technological solutions and solid insights into digital strategies and product development. He is an outgoing and social person, capable of motivating his employees and thrive very well in working in teams.

He is a graduate of Cand. Mag. from the University of Bergen, and has worked for many years as a journalist, chief executive officer and project leader in the TV 2 group. Bengt is certified in Prince 2 project management and have Yellow Belt and Green Belt certification in Lean.


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Together we create this event, unique in it’s kind world-wide. We believe that we’re able to unleash a lot of positive energy, will share and learn a lot again this 3rd Summit. This all with the purpose to support professionals in this new, critical role.


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Drinks & Bites

5:00 PM

Welcome by our chairman

by Andres Jansen

6:00 PM


6:45 PM

Complete RTE Quick scan

by Ralph Hofman

7:45 PM

The impact of fitness on your team, presentation

by Yannick Balk, Sport and Performance Psychologist

8:00 PM

How to improve RTE-fitness

by Yannick Balk

8:20 PM

Informal drinks and 1 on 1 Q&A

by Yannick Balk

8:40 PM

Doors open

8:00 AM

Kicking off our world-wide unique event

8:45 AM


How to f&*%k up your role as an RTE!
Eelco Rustenburg, SPCT Blinklane Consulting

9:00 AM

Short coffee break

9:25 AM

case 1


Remote presentation about the journey of Canal Digital’s Release Trains.

Bengt Magnus Dyrkon, Canal Digital

9:35 AM

case 2


Creating a chain of ARTs, crossing not silos but complete enterprises!

Eduardo Avila Alvim, Agile Expert / AIR Agility Leader RTE Red Train Digital Tribe

10:00 AM


RTE of the Year Award

Exciting new initiative to our RTE-community

10:25 AM

case 3


The role of RTEs in utilizing disruption in two differing impacted services: Parcels and Mail

Erik Bootsma, PostNL Parcels

Jeroen Manten, RTE PostNL Mail

11:05 AM

case 4


Struggling with remote teams? Eat this: my high performing ART is 100% virtual!

Yoram Weizman, ScheduleOnce

11:30 AM

case 5


Operational challenges and pragmatic solutions for distributed PI Planning (incl. demo)

Gianfranco Franceschi of Wolters Kluwer

12:00 Noon

Walking lunch

Exchange experience with peers, grow your professional network

12:30 PM

Parallel mini power-workshops

1:30 PM

case 6


The ART at warp-speed?!

Arno Hanssen (RTE T-Mobile)
Wikash Madarie (Agile Coach T-Mobile en ALTEN Consultant)

2:25 PM

Active coffee break

with optional networking activity

2:50 PM

Q&A session (remote)


Interactive remote Q&A session with the founder of the Scaled Agile Framework

Dean Leffingwell founder of the Scaled Agile Framework

3:00 PM

Tea break

Take the opportunity to share your insights and experiences with peers

3:30 PM

case 7


What SAFe doesn’t tell you – An experience report of two years into a SAFe rollout
Frank Olsen – Enterprise Agile Coach

Piet Syhler – Enterprise Agile Coach

4:00 PM

case 8


Agile, the Hard Way. HW- and SW professionals working together in Feature Teams

Arjan Martens, Project Manager, ASML

Bianca Mallée, Business Transformation Manager, ASML

Andres Jansen, a.i. Release Train Engineer, ASML

4:25 PM

case 9


Guiding Scaled Agile without RTE @ ABN AMRO

Dennis Struis JIRA Expert / Product Owner

4:50 PM

Wrap-up by chairman Andres Jansen

5:15 PM


Ongoing sharing of experiences, business cards and growing our RTE platform

5:30 PM


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Engaging presentations

The RTE Summit will be fully focused on the day-to-day context of the RTE with a program full of engaging presentations.

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Unique location

The RTE Summit will be held in an unique and inspiring venue, the Johan Cruijff ArenA (former Amsterdam Arena) in Amsterdam.

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Founder of SAFE

Opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about the RTE role in an interactive Q&A session with Dean Leffingwell, the founder of SAFe.

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Interact with RTE's

Opportunities to interact and discuss RTE-related topics on a personal level.


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The RTE Summit is powered by the following companies.

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The RTE Summit will be held in the Amsterdam ArenA Congress Center within the Johan Cruijff ArenA stadium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How can I get to the Johan Cruyff Arena?

By train – It is a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station to the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Plan your route

Metro – Metro lines 50 and 54 stop at Bijlmer ArenA train station.

Plan your route

By bus – Bus line 300 of Connexxion R-NET uses special coach lanes between Haarlem train station and Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. On business days: 10 times every hour and once every hour during the night.

Plan your route

By car – The following address can be entered into your GPS system:

ArenA Boulevard 1, 1100 DL Amsterdam

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Where can I park my car?

You can park your car in the vicinity of the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The rate for the car parks is 1 Euro for every 25 minutes.

What about accommodation?

We recommend combining your Summit (and Boost) visit with a 1, 2 or 3 night stay in one of these two hotels:

Courtyard by Marriott
Situated in the business district of Amsterdam, at walking distance of the Johan Cruijff Arena, Courtyard by Marriott Amsterdam Arena Atlas offers a bar and a spacious lobby, decorated with the hotel’s signature staircase. Free WiFi access is available throughout.

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Ozo Hotel Amsterdam
The brand-new OZO hotel is a luxury 4 star hotel which is located at the heart of dynamic Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. The hotel is reasonably priced and is located one stop from the Johan Cruijff Arena, which makes it ideal for attendees of the RTE Summit.

Where to stay?

Where to stay

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Courtyard by Marriot Atlas Arena

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Ozo Hotel Amsterdam

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In this three-day course  you will gain an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Release Train Engineer (RTE) in the SAFe enterprise. You will learn how to facilitate and enable end-to-end value delivery through Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and value streams.

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Amsterdam ArenA Congress Center

ArenA Boulevard 1

1100 DL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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 +31 (020) 240224

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